Brent Knoll Village Events Diary


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Events - January 2021

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1st Friday  
2nd Saturday  
3rd Sunday  
4th Monday
NO Green Waste Collection-Your House
5th Tuesday  
6th Wednesday
Parish Council – Public Session-Online via Zoom-7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting-Online via Zoom to follow immediately
7th Thursday
SORT IT+ Recycling [1 Day late]-Your House-Early!!
B&H Choral Society rehearsals [Every Thursday]  Online-7.30-8.30pm
8th Friday  
9th Saturday  
10th Sunday  
11th Monday
Parish Hall Committee meeting-Online via Zoom-8.00pm
12th Tuesday  
13th Wednesday
SORT IT+ Recycling & Rubbish-Your House-Early!!
14th Thursday  
15th Friday
Mobile Library [Friday]-Village Shop-9.20-10.20am
Deadline for February Brent Knoll News-12.00 noon
16th Saturday  
17th Sunday  
18th Monday
Green Waste Collection-Your House-Early!!
19th Tuesday  
20th Wednesday
SORT IT+ Recycling-Your House-Early!!
Parish Council Provisional Planning meeting  Online via Zoom -7.00pm
21st Thursday  
22nd Friday  
23rd Saturday  
24th Sunday  
25th Monday  
26th Tuesday  
27th Wednesday
SORT IT+ Recycling & Rubbish-Your House-Early!!
28th Thursday  
29th Friday  
30th Saturday  
31st Sunday  


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