Brent Knoll Parish Council - Councillor Profile

Councillor: David Sturgess
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Having lived in Brent Knoll for a quarter of a century, David was trained as a newspaper and radio journalist, but has spent most of his career as a Public Relations advisor.  His long-term clients include British Gas, British Telecom, British Airways, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and regional property and law firms. He ran a PR consultancy with offices in Bristol, Birmingham, Brussels, Cardiff, London, and Manchester.

Now retired, David is a volunteer with the Somerset Levels RDA Carriage-Driving for the Disabled Group and the Brent Knoll branch of Re-Generate (formerly known as Contact the Elderly). With his wife, Caroline, he maintains a small-holding for their carriage-driving pony, hens, and three colonies of bees:  they also pride themselves on making their own hay each year.

His leisure interests include field archery (shooting the English longbow), cooking, painting, and playing the guitar.

Politically independent, David’s focus within the Parish Council is on planning and communications. 

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