Brent Knoll Parish Council - Councillor Profile

Councillor: John Harper
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After 37 years in the Army I returned to Brent Knoll to live in the family home which remained in my mothers family since 1831.

I have always been interested in sport having played Cricket for 50 and Hockey for 30 years. I skied for several years in the Army Championships and have owned horses for Eventing and Show Jumping. 

Since leaving the Army I have already served one period of 8 years on the Parish Council and have been a volunteer advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau in Bridgwater for 10 years. I am a member of the Somerset County Committee of ABF The Soldiers Charity, President of The Brent Knoll Branch of The British Legion and President of The Knoll Conservative Branch. I am very interested in village affairs and have for 10 years been Chairman of Saint Michal's Music and Arts which produces normally three events a year in the village. Currently I am Chairman of The Buildings and Grounds Committee of Saint Michael's PCC and have responsibility for the fabric and well being of the church. 

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