Brent Knoll Parish Council - Councillor Profile

Councillor: Owen J Cullwick Owen Culwick
Telephone Number: Mobile: 07917 445215
Email Address
Specific Responsibility for: I am appointed by the Parish Council in Brent Knoll as Clerk and responsible officer of the Council. My role is to serve the Parish Council on all matters of legal compliance and finance.
Resume :

I live in Falmouth and spend time in Taunton with my wife Norma having lived in Burnham for 30 years. I enjoyed a highly successful career with Clarks International in Street and Cumbria as a business manager.

I served as a local Magistrate in Taunton for many years and transferred to the Truro Bench in 2015.

I started my work with Brent Knoll 10 years ago and have found the village and the people in Brent Knoll a pleasure to work with. It is a very nice village with lots of activities for local people.

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